“Time for a fresh start.”

Vote Vix Lowthion on 8th June

Your Green Party candidate for the Isle of Wight

Vix Lowthion

A Fresh Start

“Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and support I’ve received as your candidate for the 2017 General Election.

“Over the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to many, many people across the Island. We’ve knocked on so many doors! People have been telling me how much they care about local services, and how they want to provide a better future for the next generation.

“I want to make sure that all those voices are heard in Westminster, so that we can make the most of our potential, and deliver a better, brighter future.

“If elected, I promise to keep listening to all of my constituents, and work my hardest to be the fiercely independent voice that the Island deserves.”

Vix Lowthion – Green Party candidate for the Isle of Wight

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Caroline Lucas

“I’m so excited at the prospect of being joined at Westminster by Vix Lowthion. I know she will be a fiercely independent voice for the Isle of Wight. We can win it with Vix and for the island.”

Caroline Lucas, co-leader, Green Party

Your Vote on Thursday

Across the country, Greens are mobilizing for the final days of busy campaigning until the vote on 8th June. Be under no illusions: this is the most important election of the generations since the war.

A Green vote matters. Every Green vote sends a clear message for us to move in a more confident, caring and forward-looking direction, and to tackle the biggest challenges. This Thursday, make YOUR vote count, and vote Green.

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Why Vote Green?

Islanders have asked me: what are the advantages of having a Green MP? Is electing an MP from a smaller party somehow limiting the influence you have at Westminster? But as your Green MP I’d be both a fiercely independent voice for the island, as well as following a tradition of working collaboratively across all parties to achieve the best results for islanders.

Caroline Lucas is a respected and influential Green Member of Parliament who’s leading the agenda on so many crucial areas, and achieving real and positive change, both for her constituents and her country. As your Green MP, I would reflect the Green identity of our island, highlighting the potential for sustainable businesses, and a voice for fairness and equality for the communities who call the Isle of Wight their home.

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Schools on the Isle of Wight

As a parent and a teacher living on the Isle of Wight, I know that education is undergoing massive changes at the moment. Not only do we have an unaccountable, inefficient mix of academies, free schools, studio schools and trusts, but the island is facing up to six million pounds of budget cuts by 2020 and some of our schools are under threat.

As your MP I would fight for fair, equitable funding, to drop the divisive academy structures, and to stop pressurised SATs testing at a primary school level. The fallout from government education policies are keenly felt on our island and we must protect our excellent teachers, our pupils and our families from any more damaging upheaval in the years to come.

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Cuts to Local Services

Some of the biggest issues faced by islanders today are cuts to community and local services: libraries, museums, public toilets, youth and children’s services, and for those people who are vulnerable and with disabilities. These services have been cut due to a lack of budget for local councils, and that’s a national problem.

It’s only at a national level, as your MP, can we change the way that government is run and fight for money for local services that really need it.

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For far too long the Isle of Wight has been held to ransom by unaccountable ferry companies who take islanders for granted. They charge prices without regulation and, particularly at high season, these can be so high that people are put off coming and locals just cannot afford to leave.

We must explore all possible solutions to this connectivity crisis. That’s regulation, subsidies, public ownership and all other alternatives to the ferries. As your MP, solving these issues would be a key priority, putting people before profit.

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The Challenge of Brexit

No matter your personal feelings about leaving the European Union, it will be the defining issue for MPs to discuss and decide upon in the next five years. The best outcome for us all will be achieved through listening, flexibility and careful positive negotiation with our European partners.

As your MP, I will fight to safeguard our investment in agriculture, the environment and workers. We must guarantee the rights of EU and UK citizens to remain where they live, and we should hold a final ratification vote to give the public the clear decision on the terms in which we move forward. Human rights and environmental protections must be at the heart of our future relationship with the European Union.

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Against Fracking on the Isle of Wight

The government have granted licences to drill for oil on the Isle of Wight. In the next year or so we could see oil rigs, lorries and pipelines along its beautiful coastline.

As your MP, I would fight against fracking and oil drilling on our island and the rest of the UK. Instead of chasing fossil fuels, we must invest in clean, cheap and renewable wind, solar and tidal energy.

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Unemployment and Jobs on the Isle of Wight

Unemployment on the Isle of Wight continues to be a concern for us all. It’s important for islanders to be able to find decent, meaningful work, and a fair wage. Too many new jobs are insecure, zero hours contracts, and islanders need more opportunities for employment close to where they live.

As your MP I would support a green industrial revolution for jobs with investment in new technology and energy efficiency. By supporting small businesses we can grow the local economy and keep spending and investment here on the Isle of Wight where it belongs.

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Adult Social Care that is Fair for All

A just and compassionate society not only supports our young people, but ensures the older generation are looked after and cared for. Adult social care is a growing section of the government budget, and parliament must make a fair decision on how this will be funded. The Conservative manifesto pledges that the costs will be paid for from the sale of your home, leaving you with less to pass on to your family.

As your MP, I would campaign for a major investment in social care for older people, funded by general taxation. There must be no requirement to sell your family home to pay for carers. Everyone deserves to enjoy the security of knowing they will be looked after, without feeling they’re being a burden for their family, or society, in later life.

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Our National Health Service

A lack of public investment and increasing privatisation of clinical services has put our NHS under threat. We must ensure that our NHS remains a public service, not run for private profit.

As your MP I would fight for proper investment in the NHS, to tackle our recruitment crisis, and to ensure we remain a world class health service run by the public, for the public, for years to come.

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Electric Vehicles – Planning for the Real Future for Islanders

Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining ground as our likely day-to-day personal transport within the next ten to fifteen years. As a Green choice, we support this move from fossil fuels to zero emission electric vehicles. But we must ensure that the Isle of Wight is fully included in the national grid of UK charging routes.

As your MP I’ll engage with the full planning process to ensure the island is not left behind and is a key part of our national infrastructure. Our size and our borders are the perfect place to fully utilise the potential of electric transport and with a Green MP we will achieve it.

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Fairer Prices for Island Deliveries

The Isle of Wight is only a couple of miles offshore, and yet some postal delivery services treat the island like a remote and a difficult place to reach. How often have we all bought something online, reached the checkout, only to be hit by an extra fee for being in an outlying area?

As your MP I will engage with the national delivery companies for a low-cost collaboration with the ferry operators and sales people to not treat the island as a special expensive case. The Solent is our border, but it should not be a barrier to businesses and citizens to gain access to essential goods.

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Young People on the Isle of Wight

Recent governments have introduced policies which disproportionately affect young people the most. Tuition fees, public transport cuts and Brexit have consequences for us all, but especially those under thirty years old.

As your MP I would vote for the rights of students to study, to work and to live in the EU. I’d also work to scrap tuition fees, as education is vital to a fair and efficient society. And I would campaign for non-biased political education in our schools, leading to reducing the voting age to sixteen. Young people are the future of our island and we must support them to develop and to grow.

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Safe, Comfortable, Affordable Homes

Island residents who rent their homes have seen a shortage in suitable properties in good locations at an affordable price. The rise in the number of second holiday home ownership has led to fewer houses available for locals.

As your MP I would: fight for a programme to build affordable, zero-carbon homes; to reinstate housing benefit for under 21s; and to abolish the bedroom tax.

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The Ban on Hunting with Dogs Must Stay

Theresa May has promised a free vote to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs, and the Conservative candidate for the Isle of Wight, Bob Seely, has publicly declared he would vote to repeal the ban and make fox hunting with dogs legal again.

As your MP I would always vote to keep the ban. To bring back fox hunting is immoral and inhumane. We need to strengthen protection for the countryside and our wildlife. Join with me in keeping the foxhunting ban.

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Keeping the Island’s Environment Beautiful and Productive

For too long we have taken our environmental protections for granted. However, rising levels of air pollution, burning of fossil fuels, and the clear evidence of global warming, means we can no longer assume that governments are doing all they can to tackle climate change.

As your MP I would prioritise protection and safeguarding of our environment through an Environmental Protection Act and a Clean Air Act to expand our Clean Air Zone network. In our oceans we need a wider network of Marine Conservation Zones and tougher action to reduce plastic and other waste.

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Footpaths and Cycle Tracks for Health & Tourism

Island residents and visitors enjoy walking and cycling as ways to get around. Not only is this exercise good for us, but it means fewer cars on our roads and is better for the environment too. Safety for cyclists, walkers and young families is paramount and this is why designated cycle tracks are so popular.

As your MP I would prioritise alternative forms of transport to the car and fight for investment to our tracks and our byways.

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