General Election 2019

Do you normally vote


but they’re not for you right now?

Vix’s message to Labour voters

Do you normally vote


but you’re not so sure this time?

Vix’s message to Conservative voters

Do you normally vote

Liberal Democrat

but they’re not on the ballot?

Vix’s message to Lib Dem voters

Tackle political extremism, social inequality, economic disadvantage and the climate-change crisis – and trust the people to decide on a final Brexit deal

Vix Lowthion – A strong independent voice for the Isle of Wight – Vote Green, 12 December

Download Vix’s Green Party election literature:

Vix Lowthion – Unite to Remain leaflet
Vix Lowthion – Election mailout 2019
Vix Lowthion – Green Party Isle of Wight newsletter, October 2019

OnTheWight: The Isle of Wight’s potential can be unlocked by Vix’s determination, say Green Party

Green Party Education spokesperson

Parliamentary candidate, Isle of Wight

Resilient, optimistic, determined

Voting for Vix?

One of the most helpful things you can do to support our campaign is to let us know that you will be voting for Vix Lowthion on December the 12th.

Could you display a poster, or even volunteer on the campaign?

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