About Vix Lowthion

Vix Lowthion and family, after completing the cross-Solent swim in 2013

My name is Vix Lowthion and I live on the Isle of Wight. I am a secondary school teacher in History, Classics & Geology in Newport, and a mother to three boys.

My home has been the Isle of Wight since 2005 and I have family here, too. I am proud of our landscapes, our culture, our businesses and our people.

I am a farmer’s daughter, and I spent my childhood living and working on the family dairy farm. I read History at the University of York and taught in a very busy inner-city Leeds High School for six years. Since having our children I have studied part time with the Open University and finished my BSc in 2016 – with an emphasis on Geology and Energy and Sustainability. It was these studies which opened up my eyes: that even though individually we may recycle and eat local produce and limit our car use, the problems with the future of society require solutions on a scale much bigger than those we can make on our own. We need to change politics, and change our approach towards our planet. We need sustainable answers.

Unfortunately, our current political leaders are failing to do this. They propose short term solutions, requiring minimal investment and thus resulting in insignificant progress. I joined the Green Party in 2014 precisely because their social and their environmental policies are interesting, intelligent and aim to create a more equal society. These ambitions are more necessary than ever before – especially on the Isle of Wight.

Our local council has had its budget slashed by central government – and these cuts are set to get much worse. However, these ‘austerity’ cuts have not permeated to financing our involvement in war, and the hundreds of millions of pounds we are now spending on missiles. We are not all in this together. We need to challenge this narrative that cuts in public spending, hitting the poorest in society, are the only way to improve our economy and our way of life.

The Green Party believe in investing in our futures – in housing, in food, in jobs and in our energy security. The Green Party believe that our railways – and thus our Isle of Wight ferries – could be nationalised and run by the public for the public as a service, not for maximum profits of shareholders many miles from these shores.

Standing as your Green candidate was not part of my life plan – far from it. But I am tired and despondent of reading and watching the direction of our national leaders taking us further down a path into privatisation of our public services, our hospitals, our schools.

We deserve better than this. You deserve better than this. Our environment deserves better than this.

Now is the time to make those changes, and voting Green is a huge first step.

“The MP for the Isle of Wight should represent what the island stands for and what it does best.

“So many of the Island’s strengths are Green: green businesses, green tourism, green industries – green spaces.

“To elect a Green MP is the greatest signal to the rest of the UK and beyond that this is our statement: we believe in sustainability, in social equality, in investing for the future and in working for the Common Good.”

Promoted by Robert May on behalf of the Isle of Wight Green Party, c/o 65 High Street, Newport PO30 1BA.