Q&A from the Isle of Wight County Press: my answers

Wed 29 Apr 2015 @ 11:09

Over the past few weeks the Isle of Wight County Press has asked all six of the Island's parliamentary candidates to answer questions of local concern. Here's a round-up of my answers.

Q: What can be done to help improve the Island's prosperity? Facilities, jobs and services are being lost. What would you do to put us on a par with the rest of the South East? (IWCP 2 April, p45)

IW County Press 2 April 2015


Q: Do you think Islanders deserve a better ferry service and if so, how would you help them get it? Should the Island have a fixed link to the mainland? (IWCP 10 April 2015, p43)

IWCP April 10 2015


Q: Should the Isle of Wight Council merge with a mainland authority to save money? (IWCP 17 April 2015, p37)

IWCP April 17 2015


Q: What should be done to protect NHS services, particularly those on the IW as they face ongoing funding challenges? (IWCP 24 April 2015, p53)

IWCP April 24 2015

Qs: From IWCP Business News (24 April 2015, p39)

1. What would you do about creating jobs for young Islanders that don't involve working in the service industries, such as hotel/catering or care work?
2. Communication is vital for business and a real issue for the Island rural business community. Broadband on the Island is pretty poor in places, as is mobile phone coverage. How would you address this problem?
3. What single thing would you like to achieve for the Island's economy and well-being?  

IWCP April 24 2015 p39