Help us to raise our £500 election deposit!

Fri 10 Oct 2014 @ 10:41

Vix Lowthion with other members of the Isle of Wight Green Party, launching the 2015 General Election bond scheme


STOP PRESS! STOP PRESS! We have reached our £500 target! MANY THANKS TO ALL



To run as a candidate in the General Election in May 2015, the Isle of Wight Green Party will need to submit a deposit of £500 – and we need your help!

The main political parties in the UK get funding from businesses, from unions, or from rich individuals. Sadly, the Green Party has yet to make inroads into such funding sources. This means that the local parties like the Isle of Wight Greens have very little money in the coffers, and certainly not enough to print and distribute leaflets to every household, or to even fund the £500 deposit that every candidate standing in a General Election needs to find.

To this end, the Isle of Wight Green Party have created a ‘bond’ scheme. We have 50 returnable bonds costing £10 each, and the sale of these will be funding our deposit.

We are very positive that in May 2015 we will get the required 5% of the votes cast to get our deposit returned – and if this is the case, then purchasers will be able to request their £10 back.

If you wish to sponsor our campaign in general, or to make any other type of donation, it would be very, very welcome!

Thank you.

PICTURED Vix Lowthion, IW Green Party Parliamentary Candidate, with Daniel James and Bob Keates