Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Green Party policies?

The Green Party have many, many detailed policies – and very few are about wind turbines! You can find them listed in detail on the official Green Party policies page.

What difference can a Green MP make?

Caroline Lucas, who has been the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion since 2010, explains the difference a Green MP can make in this short film (2mins 45seconds).

How can I support the Isle of Wight Green Party campaign?

There are so many ways you can do this.

We welcome any help – however small!

Aren’t the Green Party a bunch of lentil-weaving, sandal-wearing hippies obsessed with wind turbines?

Errr… No.

Well, not all ;)

The Green Party hasn’t changed – but what they have been saying for years is increasingly resonating with a wider electorate.

Yes, there are Green Party guidelines about the environment and animal rights and world peace. But there are also very clearly set out policies on bread-and-butter, mainstream political issues such as energy security, health, housing, crime, education and tourism.

They can be found here on the Green Party policies page – or if you have questions about how Green Party policies may affect you on the Isle of Wight, then please just ask me.