What we stand for

Thu 9 Apr 2015 @ 9:16


1. Clamp down on tax loopholes, avoidance and evasion, saving the UK money and paying off the deficit.
2. Replace the minimum wage with a living wage of £8.10 per hour, rising to £10 per hour by 2020.
3. Introduce a wealth tax on top 1% of earners
4. Introduce a Robin Hood Tax on bank-to-bank transfers, to reduce risky trading & raise money to fight poverty & climate change
5. Work towards a 35-hour working week. More jobs, fairer pay, more free time.
6. Help local businesses compete, by increasing Corporation Tax for largest businesses.
7. Increase the top rate of income tax to 60% for those earning over £150,000 
8. Take the power to create money away from private banks & instead establish a National Monetary Authority responsible for creating currency.

Canvassing, NewportEducation

1. Scrap tuition fees to make University education free again, and restore EMA for 16-17 year olds.
2. Abolish OFSTED, SATS and League Tables. Long-term evaluation of schools should be conducted by parents, teachers and local authorities.
3. Ensure all heads and teachers have Qualified Teacher Status. Reduce average class size to 20 pupils.
4. Provide a comprehensive nationwide system of good quality pre-school early education and childcare, free at the point of delivery. Increase compulsory school starting age to 7, in line with northern Europe.
5. Leave local education authorities free to decide how much to allocate to current education spending.
6. Increase funding for apprenticeships, and provide an apprenticeship to all qualified young people aged 16-25.
7. Remove charitable status from private schools & have them pay tax on their profits. Build no new academies or free schools
8. Provide free, locally sourced, nutritious lunches in schools and increase outdoor education and PE.


1. Save money, improve services, and reduce fares by renationalising the railways
2. End the major roads programme, instead reduce public transport fares.
3. Oppose HS2, and instead support a nationwide high-speed rail network that doesn’t just focus on The Capital.
4. Stop airport expansion, in particular no new runways at either Heathrow or Gatwick.
5. Allow local government to regulate affordable bus and ferry services, accessible to all, including those with disabilities.
6. Support free local transport for pensioners, and under 18s in full time education.

Vix at St MarysHealth

1. We would end the privatisation of our NHS. We would ensure that services remain free at the point of need and are fully funded by taxation.
2. Increase the NHS budget to reverse cuts, invest in mental health and provide free dentistry and prescriptions.
3. Provide accessible, local community health centres that provide a wide range of services, including out-of-hours care.
4. Merge health and social care under local control and provide free social care for older people.
5. Ensure that spending on mental health care rises.
6. Introduce the right for patients to choose an assisted death, within a rigorous framework of regulation.
7. Increase tax on unhealthy foods, to subsidise the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables.
8. Improve access to addiction services to help reduce money lost each year to alcohol related harm.


1. A large reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030 and working towards a zero-carbon economy by 2050.
2. Ban all UK fracking operations, following a growing number of nations worldwide.
3. Invest to give local authorities the funds to tackle flood and heatwave defences for homes and public buildings.
4. Prevent new building on flood plains
5. Invest in new large-scale publicly-owned renewable generators and phase out fossil fuel-based generation and nuclear power.
6. Increase spending on recycling and waste disposal, and aim to recycle vast majority of domestic waste by 2020.
7. Create 250,000 good jobs through investment in sustainable energy and defence against climate change.

Local Services

1. Fight government austerity cuts to libraries, community buses, public toilets etc, and increase budgets for local councils.
2. Localise the food chain, encouraging local farmers’ markets, and reduce the dominance of supermarkets.
3. Build 500,000 social homes to rent across the country.
2. Establish a register of private landlords, to regulate the quality of rented housing and to control excessive rents.
3. Halve the number of empty homes through Empty Property Use Orders.
4. Introduce Council Tax bands above H.
5. Scrap the Bedroom Tax.
6. Introduce referenda on local government decisions if called for by 20% of the local electorate.


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