Vix Lowthion’s Personal Manifesto

Many people are unsure who to vote for on 8th June. So let me tell you about some concerns that we all share.

Currently this page contains materials from the 2015 election, but much of this still stands, and I’m happy to discuss any aspect of these policies.


Vix on Cuts in the Community

Some of the biggest issues faced by islanders today are the cuts to our community and our local services. Cuts to our libraries and our museums. Cuts to our public toilets, and cuts to our youth services and those people who are vulnerable and with disabilities.

These services have been cut due to a lack of budget for our local council. And that’s a national problem.

It’s only at a national level, as your MP, can we start to change the way our government is run and actually get the money to the people who most need it.


Vix on The NHS

Everyone has been to St Mary’s hospital – to visit a loved one or to receive treatment. Our NHS is precious to us all. 70 years on from its birth, the National Health Service is under threat – from a lack of public investment, and an increasing privatisation of clinical services.

We must ensure that the NHS remains a public service, run for and by the public. It is important – too important for private interference. And we must pay for it, together.


Vix on The Ferries

We all rely on our ferries – whether it is to visit friends and family, commute to work, or ship goods across the Solent. A reliable, frequent and efficient service is an essential for islanders.

Yet increasingly, cross-Solent transport is being priced beyond the pocket of the average resident. I believe that we need to tackle this, with the broadest number of options, and look into regulating our ferries to be more publicly accountable.

They’re not just a private business – they’re a public service.


As a parent and a teacher, living on the Isle of Wight, I know that education has undergone a massive upheaval in recent years. We have been left with a mixture of different school providers: academies, free schools, studio schools and trusts.

The Green Party believe that our schools must be accountable to our local authority – and not this inefficient mix of different organisations.

We must move on from this target-driven culture, and get back to what really matters – which is happy, motivated and well-qualified young people.


Vix on Green Spaces

Visitors flock to our island because of our beautiful green spaces – but they are under threat.

The Green Party will invest in measures to combat climate change, including low carbon energy generation, and flood defences. We value food produced locally and the farmers who work hard to be caretakers of our land. We must ensure that our open countryside, such as Brading Down, is managed by the public and for the public to enjoy.

The Green Party are the only party who are completely against fracking - and a Green MP would lead the way to ensure our island is fracking free.


Vix on Young People

We need to improve the prospects for young people on the Isle of Wight. Education, training and apprenticeships are key – but so are jobs once qualifications are achieved.

The Green Party would invest in jobs to combat climate change – and on the island this would be in engineering and manufacturing renewable technologies.

We are against the exploitative zero-hours contracts, and believe that everyone deserves a Living Wage. Young people need affordable housing to rent or buy. The Green Party would invest in jobs by putting empty homes back into use, and build social housing to fulfill the needs of future generations.


Vix on Why Vote Green?

The Green Party believe in better representation – not absolute power.

A Green MP would not join a formal coalition, but would support policies on an evidence and a case-by-case basis – in line with our manifesto. A Green MP can put forward parliamentary Bills which receive support from across party boundaries.

I would put our island on the map as a Green destination.

So for the things we share, and what we really care about on the Isle of Wight – please give me a minute of your time on 8th June and Vote Vix. Vote Green.